Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Psychics and Sundays 

RCIA was very good last night. We've had some personnel changes and now our priest is teaching three out of four weeks a month. Last night, I actually learned a few things and the discussion was excellent.

In discussing the first three commandments, which all deal with love of God, we had a lively talk about psychics and exorcism and astrology and Ouija Boards and the like. Our priest said that dabbling in such things violate the first three commandments and are also dangerous. There are such things as evil spirits, you can't believe in God and Jesus without believing in the Devil/Satan, and you shouldn't open yourself up to the occult. This is far different from using your God-given gifts for the good of man. It isn't wrong, for example, for a psychic to help the police solve crimes, but it is wrong for a psychic to try to make contact with the dead like so many do on TV these days. The difference? The psychic on TV is undermining faith in God: people go to these psychics because they are worried about loved ones, whether they are in heaven, whether they are suffering, etc... faith and trust in God should be answer enough for those questions.

Note: Jesus cast demons out of people and in every case, the demon knew who Jesus was and feared Him. Those men in power at the time, however, did not recognize Jesus for who he was.

We also talked about keeping the sabbath holy. We need to attend Mass weekly and there are very few excuses that make any sense since there are Masses in town from 5pm on Saturday until 7pm on Sunday. Make Sunday different from the other days. Try not to focus on secular things so much, try to have some time for God.

Things I learned:

On the weekend, February 19th/20th, our class will be in front of the Church again. Our parish will give us the "Rite of Sending" to send us off to the Cathedral to meet our Bishop for the "Rite of Election." In the Rite of Sending, our names will be written into a book and then our names will be read off at the Cathedral with the Bishop for the Rite of Election.

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