Friday, February 25, 2005

Another Journey 

There's been quite a few of these types of articles recently, covering the stories of those converting to Catholicism. I find them inspiring. Here's another from the National Catholic Register:

Dozens of Episcopalians Follow Leader into Catholic Church
In a Dec. 31 letter to Bishop Paul Marshall of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, Pa., he renounced his orders as a priest. Bergman cited contraception and the 2003 ordination of V. Gene Robinson, the first openly homosexual Episcopal bishop, as two major reasons for his dissatisfaction.

Robinson’s ordination was the "logical outcome" of the 1930 Lambeth decision, he said. Some dioceses in the Episcopal Church allow a blessing of same-sex couples, and Bergman wrote: "When an ecclesial community pronounces intentional sterility among married couples to be blessed by God, that church all but formally invites into her midst the advocacy of blessings upon relationships that in the absence of sexual complementarity are of their very essence sterile. Those conservatives within Anglicanism who attempt to refute the sterile agenda of the homosexual lobby have engaged in a self-contradictory and thus futile quest."

He also pointed out that a contraceptive mentality that views children as "a burden instead of a blessing" only encourages abortion. He said the Episcopal Church has pushed for the legalization of abortion since 1967. "By His great grace and kindness our Lord has cured me of my former spiritual blindness and thus has compelled me to seek entry into, and full communion with, that part of Christ’s Body the Church that continues to engage the moral issues of our day at their most foundational level," Bergman wrote.
Read the whole thing, it's a good story.

Update: And here's another conversion story I saw over on Poncer.

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