Thursday, February 03, 2005

Eason Jordan of CNN 

Eason Jordan, the CNN news executive who is reported to have claimed US soldiers specifically targeted and killed journalists, is now saying that the whole thing is a quibble about the meaning of "collateral damage" vs. the meaning of "targeted" versus the meaning of "friendly fire."

I'll wait for the transcript, as I said yesterday, but I did get one of those mass CNN mailings saying Jordan's comments are being misunderstood. I wish some journalist with spunk would just go ask Barney Frank about it.

Update: Hugh Hewitt has an email interview with the man who started this whole deal. I particularly like the way this man thinks:
This issue is turning into a right vs. left agenda issue, a lynch mob against Eason Jordan issue, and feeding into many different agendas. I hope that any news media (bloggers, print, major, minor) covering this can respect my original intent which was to not leave this kind of allegation hanging in the air, but to carry it through to the point where the truth is known, and known to all sides.
That's journalistic thinking.

Update: The New York Sun writes about the Eason Jordan matter.

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