Monday, February 28, 2005

The First Scrutiny 

When it came time for dismissal, our priest called up only the Elect who plan to be baptized on Easter, not those who are already baptized. These unbaptized elect came up and knelt before the priest, with their sponsors and/or godparents behind them. The priest prayed over them intensely, calling for their renouncement of all things evil and for their protection from the same. He based his prayer on the wording of the 1st Reading about the Woman at the well. As they remained kneeling, we all prayed for them and we had the other prayers for the world and our church as we normally do. Then Father called up the rest of the Elect, those of us who have already been baptized, and we dismissed to study the Gospel.

Back in our dismissal room, the unbaptized looked around and said, "Wow." They had not been expecting to be called up to kneel, nor had they expected such a profound prayer -- just for them. They were not upset, just . . . opened.

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