Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rite of Sending 

We had our Rite of Sending at Saturday service. After the homily, Father called up the catechumens (those who want to be both baptized and join the Church at Easter) and their sponsors and godparents. One by one, they signed their name into a leatherbound book. Next, Father called up the Candidates (those of us who want to join the Church who have already been baptized) and we signed our name at a different place on the same page. Prayers were said over us and our Parish "sent" us to be approved by the Bishop.

Some of the folks had not been in our RCIA class, so either they are taking classes elsewhere or perhaps there are other ways to get to the same place I don't know about. It was a good service, regardless, and we all trooped out before Mass to study the Gospel readings.

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