Monday, March 21, 2005


I'm sure many others have mentioned this, but why is it that when the Executive or Legislative branches step on a pinkie toe of the Judicial Branch of our government, the cry goes forth that the balance of powers is being corrupted... but when Judges write law and discover new law never written in the constitution we hear no such cry? It seems clear that the three branches of government are no longer co-equal. Neither Congress nor the President can stop the Judicial branch from doing anything they want. Said another way, neither the Legislative nor the Executive branch have the guts to stand up to the judges. They don't have the guts to ignore rulings clearly out of the scope of the judiciary and they don't have the guts to MOVE when a Judge says SIT. The same executive branch soldiers with the same executive branch guns that stole Elian away can enter that hospice and put that feeding tube back in place... can remove Terri Schiavo to safety. Where are they?

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