Saturday, March 26, 2005


He Descended into Hell

Growing up, I recited The Apostle's Creed and not The Nicene Creed. It's the Apostles Creed that says Jesus descended into Hell after his death on the cross. I don't believe I ever heard a Methodist Minister give a sermon on Christ's descent into Hell, perhaps I have and don't remember, but the Catholic Faith seems more than willing to discuss the matter:

Catechism: Descent into Hell

A Homily on the Descent into Hell

Despite the joy I anticipate this evening, many reasons feed a great sadness today. The Apostles huddled in fear, disconsolate, on this day. Unlike the protesters in Florida, the Apostles were afraid for their lives and the Holy Spirit had not yet been poured out over them. While Christ's Church lay huddled in each others' arms, He became light in the darkness of Death. When Jesus died, existence flipped for a time: darkness came over the Earth and light filled the realms of the dead.

I seek the same reversal this evening when the host touches my tongue. Not that light leave the earth, but enter my life.

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