Saturday, March 19, 2005

Palm Sunday 

I mentioned that I wasn't looking forward to the Palm Sunday Procession. Well, I really didn't enjoy it, but it was somewhat saved by having four or five members of the Knights of Columbus present in full regalia. What a sight! The choir was also fully present. Father blessed our palm leaves, tossed water off an evergreen branch throughout the room in which we had gathered (to help us remember our baptism), read John's version of Jesus entering Jerusalem and then we proceeded across the parking lot to the church singing a nice fourteener ("All Glory, Laud and Honor").

Inside, we had a very long responsive reading of Matthew 27 with several people reading the parts and the congregation chiming in where appropriate. The homily was very short and focused on Holy Week as a microcosm for the whole world. We know Jesus won the battle, but there is time yet to get ready for His return.

We in RCIA were dismissed. Mass was a bit shortened because the turnout wasn't that great: it was kind of a rainy day and perhaps people feel like I do about processions. :)

Next Saturday I will be Catholic. In seven days, I will consume the body and blood of Christ.

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