Monday, March 28, 2005

RCIA Wrap Up 

Postscript: I still occasionally get mail from those going through RCIA and appreciate it. I am still, here in 2009, a strong, weekly, Mass-attending Catholic. I still read books on the Catholic Faith and continue to learn as much about my faith as I can. After this, my RCIA blog, Eutychus Fell, I continued on with another blog named Lofted Nest which I still occasionally update. I have plans, now and again, to blog my way through some of the larger books I still need to read about Christianity and the Catholic Faith. Blogger has made the use of pictures and media so much easier than it was in 2005... it makes the writer in me itch.

All the best and more to all. -- Eutychus Fell.

First, my great thanks to all Catholic Bloggers; your efforts give a depth of spirit to every week and to events all over the world and back. Thanks also to everyone who has read, commented, emailed, and prayed for me -- some say the Catholic Church doesn't welcome people at the door . . . how wrong they are. I have a lot of work to do going forward, and I hope the base of a year's RCIA will support the good person Christ wants me to be. Blessings and good words to all.

So there you have it. I don't intend to belabor the RCIA process further. The Mystagogia portion, which I will attend, will be covering ground I've already tread upon here. I'll leave this blog site behind for reference (especially my own). Thanks to all who have commented and supported me through this journey... your help and welcome made a large impression on me. I'll post some of the key points of RCIA below (I tried to leave out the 2004 election) and other entries I think worthwhile to those becoming or thinking of becoming Catholic. Anyone with any RCIA questions, feel free to email.

Pre-Catechumenate - Easter Vigil 2004 - Beyond Rebellion - Population Control - Hail Mary - Suicide - Fetal Reduction - Stranger in a Strange Land - A Church of Scripture - Respecting the Alter - Straw Mass & Relics - Mothers' Day Sermons - Surprised by Joy - Productive Prayer - The One True King - Your Local Church - What do you want from God? - Ascension Sunday - Humanae Vitae - Ready? - Discernment - Sexual Appetite - Heaven Dipping Down - Rite of Acceptance - First RCIA Class - Jesus at the Well - Milly Kondracke - Outward Signs - Suffering - The Sermon on the Plain - Catholic School - Marriage - Dismissal - Straw Mass & St. Francis - The Great Pumpkin - Christopher Reeve - Dismissal & Lepers - Immaculate Conception - The Seven Sacraments - A Soldier has a Choice - Unfocused - Hard Teachings - The Sex Abuse Scandal - The Eucharist - Penance Service - Healing and Reconciliation - Holy Days of Obligation - Television - Life in Christ - Too Much at Once - Catholic Morality - Taking it Seriously - Psychics and Sundays - The Ten Commandments - A Tree Grows in Phoenix - Conscience Feeding - Wide Awake - A Just War - The Sexth Commandment - Bill Moyers - Retire the Pope? - Is Humanae Vitea Infallible? - Getting Nervous - Lent Begins: Ash Wednesday - The Order of the Mass - Why Catholicism - Real Presence - The Stations of the Cross - Lucia of Fatima Dies - Pieta Prayers - Terri Schiavo - Purgatory - Rite of Sending - Rite of Election - Reconciliation - The Woman at the Well - The First Scrutiny - The Blind Man - The Second Scrutiny - The Raising of Lazarus - The Third Scrutiny - Palm Sunday - Chrism Mass - Holy Thursday - Good Friday - My Easter Vigil - Easter Sunday: Resurrection - Mystagogia

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